Kay Lawson
Professor Emerita of Political Science, San Francisco State University

Journal Articles and Chapters in Others' Books

1971: “The Two‑Party System Reconsidered,” in William J. Moore, et al., ed., American Government and Politics, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

1976: “Nigeria’s Future Constitution: Academic Hopes vs. Military Intentions,” Journal of African Studies (Spring).

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1982: “Political Parties Need More Than Money,” Newsday, October 10, 1982. Article syndicated and republished several times.

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1996: « Partis Politiques et Groupes d’Intérêt» Pouvoirs, No 79.

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2000: « Comment Les Grands Partis Américains Font Face Aux Revendications Communautaristes et Aux Intérêts des Minorités » in Françoise Dreyfus, ed., Nouveaux Partis,  Nouveaux Enjeux, Publications de l’Université de Paris (Sorbonne).


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2002: “The Case for a Multi-Party System,” in Paul Hernnson and John Green,eds., Multiparty Politics in America: Prospects and Performance, Rowman and Littlefield.  Revised version of article first published in 1997.


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2010: “Parties, Interest Groups and Movements: Shall Change be Midwife to Truth?” with Mildred A. Schwartz, in Subrata Mitra, Clement Spies and Malte Pehl, eds.,  Political Sociology: State of the Art,   Barbara Budrich Publishers.


2012:  “Political Parties” in Joel Krieger, ed., The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World, Oxford University Press, second edition.   A thoroughly revised version of the essay published in the 1993 edition.





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